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July 04, 2015

Coelogyne mossiae mid atlantic

Award #2015 3728 
Mid-Atlantic Center

Bulbophyllum cornu-ovis

Bulbophyllum cornu-ovis Rysy
Orchidee (Hamburg) 62(6): 433. 2011 [1 Dec 2011]-- not sure why it is not on Kew list

#2015 3742 Mid atlantic

June 30, 2015

Cymbidium sichuanicum

Cymbidium sichuanicum Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen, Gen. Cymbidium China: 82 (2006).
This name is accepted.

20151006 National Capital
Cymbidium sichuanicum, award 20151006, has been confirmed to be Cymbidium sichuanicum by SITF (July 2015)

June 29, 2015

Bulbophyllum habrotinum confirmed to be Bulbophyllum treschii

Award Description:
Sixteen pendant flowers on four 11-cm long inflorescences; grown from a moderate sized plant 13cm x 15cm in an 8-cm square plastic basket; dorsal sepal hooded, completely covering the petals, lip and column, white, heavily overlaid dark purple spots and bars on reverse; lateral sepals rugose, elongated, dark purple, basally white finely spotted dark purple; flower bracts elongated, dark purple; substance light; texture matte; species from Borneo, named by Vermulen & Lamb in 1994.

Sizes (cm):
Natural Spread: 0.7 wide x 7.2 long
Dorsal Sepal: 0.7 wide x 0.8 long
Petals: unable to measure
Lateral Sepals:  0.7 wide x 7.2 long
Lip: unable to measure

Bulbophyllum habrotinum J.J.Verm. & A.L.Lamb, Blumea 38: 335 (1994).
This name is accepted.

20153267 FNCJC

Bulbophyllum habrotinum, award 20153267, has been confirmed to be Bulbophyllum treschii by SITF (July 2015). 

June 28, 2015

Trichocentrum luridum

Trichocentrum luridum (Lindl.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams is an accepted name

One hundred and four fragrant flowers and two buds beautifully displayed on one well staked , twisted, branched inflorescence, approx 200cm; flowers light mustard yellow overlaid olive green; sepals and petals blotched darker yellow green; lip blushed pale violet proximally; crest yellow overlaid violet centrally; callus white, violet centrally; substance firm; texture matte.

20151363, HCC from Toronto

NS 3.8 l x 3.4cm w
DS 1.5 x 1.0 w
PT  1.5 x 1.0
LS  1.7 x 0.9
lip  1.6 x 2.1

Trichocentrum luridum, award 20151363, has been confirmed to be Trichocentrum luridum by SITF (July 2015). 

Bulbophyllum pulchellum fma. purpureum

20151199  NEJC

Diplocaulobium stelliferum

see previous award to this species, same judging center this time a CHM
  • 20151197  NEJC
  • Dendrobium stelliferum, award 20151197, has been confirmed to be Dendrobium stelliferum by SITF (July 2015).