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November 26, 2014

Arundina caespitosa

Arundina caespitosa Aver., Taiwania 52: 289 (2007).This name is a synonym.
Accepted Name:Arundina graminifolia var. revoluta (Hook.f.) A.L.Lamb in C.L.Chan. & al., Orchids Borneo 1: 66 (1994).
20142042 Pacific South

November 22, 2014

Bulbophyllum acuminatum

Bulbophyllum acuminatum (Ridl.) Ridl., Mat. Fl. Malay. Penins. 1: 81 (1907).
This name is accepted.

20143413 Atlanta

November 21, 2014

Telipogon williamsii

Telipogon williamsii P.Ortiz, Orquideologia 25: 127 (2008).
* Cordanthera andina L.O.Williams, Lilloa 6: 244 (1941).
Stellilabium andinum (L.O.Williams) Garay & Dunst., Orchids Venezuela: 1004 (1979).
Telipogon andinus (L.O.Williams) N.H.Williams & Dressler, Lankesteriana 5: 168 (2005), nom. illeg.
Award 20144908 (Great Lakes Judging Center)

Ada glumacea

Ada glumacea (Lindl.) N.H.Williams, Brittonia 24: 107 (1972).This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name: Brassia glumacea Lindl., Orchid. Linden.: 17 (1846).
20142475  CSNJC 

Liparis vanuatu determined to be Liparis condylobulbon

20142476 Liparis vanuatu  CSNC
Liparis vanuatu, award 20142476, has been determined to be Liparis condylobulbon by SITF (Nov 2014). 

November 20, 2014

Stelis pachyphyta

Stelis pachyphyta Luer & Hirtz, Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard. 88: 55 (2002).
This name is accepted.

award 20143149