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May 16, 2012

Laelia pabstii

Northeast Judging Center 
  • Award number 20124331
    • From Bob Winkley-Submitted as Laelia pabstii, clonal name Irene - synonymy with Cattleya pabstii was noted
    • Award received - CHM/AOS  81 pts

    The description on the award form was re-worked and is below

    Two charming stellate flowers gracefully displayed on a 21.5 cm inflorescence borne on a compact seven growth plant; growths caespitose, ascending, 12.5cm tall, obovoid pseudobulbs 3cm tall , leaves lanceolate, 2cm wide x 9.5cm long; sepals and petals rose pink, light white halo basally; lip intense rose pink, contrasting throat white, callus ribbed, tip ruffled; substance average, texture crystalline; awarded for harmonious and pleasing balance of segments and wonderfully flat form

    The SITF form lists the pseudobulb form as lanceolate; based on the picture it appears more obovoid (at least to my eyes) - the plant part of the description was not included in the original description.

 Laelia pabstii is a non valid name

Laelia pabstii ,  Award number 20124331 , has been confirmed to be Cattleya  pabstii (Hoffmannseggella pabstii) by SITF (June 2012) with assistance of Casio van den Berg. 

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